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sathikamu 22Dec2010 12:09

Shutdown Command
command shutdown is present in system 32 of windows machine. This command is used to set the timer that allows you to shutdown or restart the system after a certain time period. The minimum time period to get shutdown is 30 seconds. The schedule can also be aborted or rescheduled at any time before the actual shutdown in progress.

shutdown -s -------> to shutdown
shutdown -s -f -----> For force shutdown
shutdown -s -f -t <time in seconds> ---> For timer shutdown
shutdown -s -f -t 3600 ------> System gets shutdown in 1 hour
shutdown -r ------> Restart windows
shutdown -a -------> To abort the shutdown schedule

Also we can provide the reason for the shutdown by the command -d.

Its useful, instead of searching for scheduler its better to use this command.

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