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heidik 14Dec2010 17:32

Help with assignment
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Hello everyone

To be honest I have been given an assignment from a company I have applied for a job recently. As I am a recent graduate so am finding that task very difficult. Could you please have a look at it and see if anyone could help me with it.

I have attached two documents to this thread.


xpi0t0s 15Dec2010 14:45

Re: Help with assignment
There's no point in us helping you with it. Let's say we get you through the interview and you get the job. What then? The company will expect you to be able to handle this kind of assignment, which you clearly cannot. The moment they find this out you'll be fired.

My suggestion is to keep looking and to find a company that will take you on with your current level of ability.

Doesn't look too difficult though. Where exactly are you stuck? Do you understand the project requirements? Do you have an idea in your mind of what the output should look like? Have you tried writing any code?

heidik 15Dec2010 15:07

Re: Help with assignment
You are right xpi0t0s. I should look for another company which will take me on with my current level of ability. I no longer wish to proceed with this assignment and have let the company know.

Thanks anyway :)

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