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joy1986joy 13Dec2010 18:28

E-mail confirmation
Can any one suggest me how to make the confirmation mail by PHP. Where the users who are new, after registering they will get a mail with a link by which the account will activated.

shabbir 13Dec2010 19:00

Re: E-mail confirmation
What is your issue? Is it sending the email or the problem is with the logic of how you should be writing the code for activating accounts?

joy1986joy 14Dec2010 09:28

Re: E-mail confirmation
I have issue with the logic of how should I write the code.

dhirendra.gvt 18Dec2010 12:20

Re: E-mail confirmation
Hi Joy,

I do not have exact code, but I have an idea of how to do it.

1. Someone registers.
2. You create an email in your script that sends a link inside the email, with the session id included in the url. Also, insert the username, password, session id, and other user info into a database.
3. User clicks link. It takes him to a page, E.G. index.php?id=3249782skldf234lasdf. In the index.php page, you have a $_GET['id']. You query the database for a session id exactly the same as your $_GET['id']. If there is a match, finish registering the user.

Sorry that I do not have an example, but I think that may help you understand the basic idea.


joy1986joy 18Dec2010 12:27

Re: E-mail confirmation
I think I know the logic. But Its creating difficulties for implementation. :(

dhirendra.gvt 18Dec2010 12:44

Re: E-mail confirmation
I think you should talk to person who have experience about related your quires.

joy1986joy 18Dec2010 12:48

Re: E-mail confirmation
To find that person I have posted it hear, I think......... :)

shabbir 19Dec2010 10:22

Re: E-mail confirmation
I am not sure what issues you are having.

You should have something like a database field where it says unconfirmed / confirmed and then when user clicks the email link that field value changes.

Is this the problem you are having?

dhirendra.gvt 24Dec2010 11:09

Re: E-mail confirmation
I am also not sure what have you Issue actually.

I think you should go through Google & Wikipedia and find the problem which is you have.

livin2011 11Jan2011 16:31

Re: E-mail confirmation
thanks for this nice information....

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