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heidik 8Dec2010 20:27

mySql to Postgres
Hello everyone

I am a recent graduate and have recently joined my job. I have been assigned a task of introducing a layer between the c++ program and its connectivity with database which would translate a query to any given database which in this case is postgres. We are using mysql++ and I have to write the code such that it works with any database tool.

Could anyone please guide me?


shabbir 8Dec2010 20:33

Re: mySql to Postgres
First you have to detect the engine and then have the needed interface that works same on top but works differently for different database connectivity.

heidik 9Dec2010 18:01

Re: mySql to Postgres
Thanks Shabbir. I am totally new to databases, a novice. I am basically a C++ programmer and am interacting with databases for the first time. Could you please guide from the beginning?

heidik 9Dec2010 18:21

Re: mySql to Postgres
What is s Simple Data Access Layer using Hibernate? Do you have any idea?

heidik 9Dec2010 20:11

Re: mySql to Postgres
I have just found this website but is above my head ;'(


heidik 9Dec2010 20:17

Re: mySql to Postgres
Here is another website


shabbir 9Dec2010 20:22

Re: mySql to Postgres
Yes that is what I was suggesting you in simple terms. Actually you are trying to create ODBC like miniature thing

heidik 9Dec2010 20:27

Re: mySql to Postgres
Is there any tutorial that starts from beginning? Or could you help me do this from scratch. I am not at all familiar with Databases. I have been coding in C++ or J2SE but never in sql etc

heidik 9Dec2010 20:42

Re: mySql to Postgres

shabbir 9Dec2010 21:17

Re: mySql to Postgres
Books are your best friends buddy.

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