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TheMan 8Dec2010 13:37

Combo Box
I have a loaded combo box and was wondering if there was a way i could get the place value from it when it is selected. An example would be i have a combo box full of foods:


if the user selects apple then i want to be able to get 1 from the combo box since that is the spot it is in. if peach was selected then i want to get the place value of 3.


shabbir 8Dec2010 15:41

Re: Combo Box
In the Introduction forum posts like this means it can be from any programming language. Would you mind saying which one?

TheMan 8Dec2010 22:57

Re: Combo Box
It was in vb but I was finally got a responce from my teacher .. i just used the index and added one for those with the same problem

shabbir 9Dec2010 08:54

Re: Combo Box
Moved to VB forum and great to see that it is solved.

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