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newphpcoder 7Dec2010 13:10

Configuration of IIS, DNS, Network for Intranet site
Good day!

I created intranet webpage and I configured it in IIS as my web server. It work by using this url: Is the 4th server where I have IIS

I want to happen is the url should be http://intranet.dlp.cu which I created in hostheader and I used the ip address, this url has an Host A in DNS 1 but when type the url http://intranet.dlp.cu the page cannot be displayed. What configuration I need to do. We have 2 NIC, I have DNS 1 for PDC, DNS 2 for BDC.

I read some forum that they do is the DNS 1 is for external used which is for Internet and the DNS 2 is for Internal which is for Intranet. But my problem is DNS 2 is for back up, if the internet was down in DNS 1, DNS 2 would be used for internet.

I really don’t know what I need to do to work my intranet site. By the way I used ISA/ISP, modem, proxy/gateway for internet.

Is it the configuration is in DNS/Networking and IIS?How?
I search but I can't find any same solution in my problem.

Thank you

venami 7Dec2010 16:15

Re: Configuration of IIS, DNS, Network for Intranet site
If you want to set up an INTRANET website, then it will not be accessed in the Internet. Only the systems local to that particular LAN can access the website in intranet.

Suppose you want the Intranet website to be accessed via the Internet, then you need to set up NAT in your server(let us name it as "public_host" which has a public IP) so that you can access your Intranet portal via "public_host".

My humble request is not to post the same question again and again in multiple threads, please.

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