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Nibbles 7Dec2010 05:15

Nibbles [ Introduction ]
Hey G4EF Members, I'm Nibbles.

I'll tell you a little about myself, I've always been really into computers and technology. I love tinkering with electronic devices to get them to work how I want.

If you're wondering why my handle is Nibbles, I'm sure most of you know at least one programming language if not more.

Anyways, my name was original LittleBits... hmmm that name could be suggestive? :p so in an attempt to change my handle Nibbles, short and sweet. I learned the word while reading in assembly and thought, that's an interesting word. So I decided to replace LittleBits with Nibbles.. Good choice in my opinion. ;D

I'm looking forward to being a member of this board!

shabbir 7Dec2010 08:27

Re: Nibbles [ Introduction ]
Yes good choice and welcome to the forum

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