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mad_man12 6Dec2010 14:47

dbx syntax help
Hi All,

The syntax for running the c executable for my application is

myapplexe -D databasename inputfile

myapplexe - my application executable
-D = syntax to specify database(the exe can run against production or test database)
databasename - name of the database live or test
inputfile - input file to process

Can you please help me on how to debug this using dbx
as if it write
dbx myapplexe -D databasename inputfile, i get the below error
dbx: fatal error: extraneous argument posprd(databasename paramter)

Thanks in Advance!!

xpi0t0s 7Dec2010 16:01

Re: dbx syntax help
Not sure, have you tried passing the arguments via the run command? As in:
dbx myapp
run -D dbname inputfile

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