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Programming_Kills 6Dec2010 06:49

Need Help On A topic.
Hi All...
i am given a project in my school to Code bubble breaker Game .
but it is strickly recomended to use C as a Core language..
Means for GUI part someone can use c++ or java but the core of the programming should be in C.

Can anyone tell me how to do this.
i dont need source code of my home work but i need help on how to use C and C++ or java together.
Hoping for someones kind reply.
Best Regards.

xpi0t0s 6Dec2010 14:07

Re: Need Help On A topic.
Seems unnecessarily complicated to use two languages for the project.
C and C++ link together fairly easily (use extern "C" around the C prototypes so that the compiler knows not to mangle the names). C and Java don't work as well together as Java is designed to be platform independent whereas C isn't, so Java will need telling to use a platform-specific extension, and you could put the C routines in a DLL that the Java GUI can use.

But it would probably be a *lot* easier to write the whole lot in C.

livinmanavalan 6Dec2010 15:56

Re: Need Help On A topic.
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