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vikky1988i 29Nov2010 11:04

doubt in Mainframe - JCL
Since in our forum , I haven't noticed Discussions regarding Mainframe Technology, so am posting my doubt in C/C++ forum since it's frequently used. Here is my Question

Why SYSIN DD * statements should not be used inside a PROCedure in JCL?? if anybody know this please answer me,.. i need to know... thank you :)

xpi0t0s 29Nov2010 13:22

Re: doubt in Mainframe - JCL
Try RTFM. There's probably a very good reason. But also try asking on a more relevant forum; the SYSIN DD * stuff appears to have been discussed 10 gazillion times over here http://ibmmainframes.com/about48659.html, and probably some of those 10 gazillion discussions were precisely what you're asking.

To avoid annoying them over there though, make sure you read the rules and FAQs, and do a search, before you post your question. For great answers from forum members, see my sig.

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