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pkjm17 29Nov2010 07:21

Problem with my loop in C++
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My problem here is for my simulation the minutes are off. For example, on one of my runs, Person #1 arrives at minute 6, but why does it show them arriving at minute 1 when the loop just begins? It should start them at minute 6. This is the output I'm getting. Please see screen shot.


case '2' : //Run simulation
            int t = 0;
            int a[q.getCount()];
            int out[q.getCount()];
            cout<<"Enter simulator time: ";
            cout<<"Enter max minutes to enter queue: ";
            cout<<"Enter max minutes to serve: ";
            cout<<"Queue Size: " <<q.getCount() <<endl <<endl;
            cout<<"MINUTE"<<setw(10)<<"PERSON"<<setw(5)<<"IN"<<setw(10)<<"SERVE" <<endl;
            a[0] = rand() % (minute - 1) + 1 + 1;
            for(int i=1; i<q.getCount(); i++) //get arrival minute
                a[i] = a[i - 1] + rand() % (minute - 1) + 1 +1;

            for(int s=0; s<q.getCount(); s++)//get serve minutes
                out[s] = rand()%(serve-1)+1+1;

            while(t < time){//begin loop start with minute 1

            for(int j=0; j<q.getCount(); j++){
                if(a[j] && t<= a[j])// if( not processed && some one still needs processing
                    cout<<setw(width) <<j+1 <<setw(width) <<a[j]+1 <<setw(width) <<out[j] <<endl;

            for(int c=out[j];c>0;c--){//print out serve minutes until zero
              cout<<t<<setw(width) <<j+1 <<setw(width) <<a[j]+1 <<setw(width) <<out[j] <<endl;}//end of for loop
            }//end of for loop
            }//end of while loop

xpi0t0s 29Nov2010 13:28

Re: Problem with my loop in C++
No idea: tiny screenshot, partial code. Try adding some more printf/cout statements to display what the program is doing and why, and see if you can find the problem that way. That's how I debug code that doesn't appear to work properly (when I can't use a debugger).

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