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CSStarts10 27Nov2010 02:54

Laser Projectors!?
Hello, I have been reading more and more about these laser projectors. They seem like very futuristic technology, but I haven't known anyone to actually use it. Has anyone here had the experience using laser projectors?? Or any thoughts on the subject??

They apparently seem to be a growing market since a new was just released. I saw it on engadget.


CSStarts10 4Dec2010 01:58

Re: Laser Projectors!?
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I thought the buzz for this product was dying out, but next thing I know I find these great in use pictures. Check em out, I'm thinking about getting one now especially with Christmas a few weeks away!

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CSStarts10 9Dec2010 03:56

Re: Laser Projectors!?
I donno if any else is into this anymore, but I did find a great review for the the L1v2 if anyone wants to check it out.

L1v2 Review: [forums.techguy.org/business-applications/967255-aaxa-tech-l1v2-laser-pico.html]

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