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techieanu 25Nov2010 18:27

Please help me
i m a newbee here.
i m a b tech 3rd year student (computer science)
i have good skills in c, assembly, linux kernel development and ia-32 processor architectures and there programming.
i am in a great dilemma that whether i should go to web side programing or remain in system level programming since there is a great demand for web developers than the system level ones.
I see so many vacancies asking for JAVA, .NET, PHP etc ORACLE DBA developers etc...
What should i do.
please help me... reply soon...
i have only 1 year left...

xpi0t0s 26Nov2010 13:55

Re: Please help me
Just do what you like doing. If Oracle and .Net bores you to tears then there's no point in learning about it just to get a job you'll hate. Stick with what you know and like, and you'll find a good job that you enjoy.

In your final year there will be vast pressure from a number of sources, each of which doesn't appear to be aware of (a) the others or (b) you're in the middle of trying to get a degree. Unless you're in the top 5% forget the milk round; that's all they're looking for. Forget filling in 100s of job application forms (saf's are useless because each employer wants to "feel special" and have you hand-write an eaf just for them, and eafs are a HUGE waste of time beyond the maybe 4-5 jobs that you really want); focus on the task in hand which is to get the best degree you can.

I reckon if I'd had the above advice I'd have got better than a 3rd.

Don't worry about getting the perfect job first time. Do however focus on making as good a job of it as you can because when you do discover that perfect job you'll need a good reference.

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