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golf_girl32 23Nov2010 13:09

Help with Extractions
I need help extracting words from a string. I'm not sure how to put it together. Here is my code...


using namespace std;
class StringModify
void get_data();
//takes a line of input from the user
void extract_word();
//extracts each word from the input line
string reverse_word(const string& s);
//returns a string which is reverse of s
void swap(char& v1, char& v2);
//interchanges value of v1 and v2
void append(const string& reverse_word);
//puts together each reversed word with whitespaces to get formatted_line
void display();
//displays both input line and formatted_line
string line; //original string
string formatted_line;//formatted string

int main()
StringModify data1;

string get_data;

cout<<"Enter the string: ";
get_data(string line);
cout<<"The original string is: "<<get_data<<endl;

return 0;
void StringModify::get_data()

void StringModify::extract_word()

string StringModify::reverse_word(const string& s)
    int start = 0;
    int end = s.length();
    string temp(s);

    while (start < end)
        swap(temp[start], temp [end]);

    return temp;

void StringModify::swap(char& v1, char& v2)
    char temp = v1;
    v1 = v2;
    v2 = temp;

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