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Mark A 22Nov2010 03:15

I want a site building similar to Vimeo.com
Can anyone offer any advise?

Im not a webmaster or programer, but i have an idea that i would like to execute.
I plan to find a programer to build my site idea, but before starting to find a programer i want a better understanding of what is involved and required.

The website idea is similar to Vimeo.com, but amateur / independent film producers can upload their own short films for sale.

The site would need 3 different parts.

1. Main site for surfers to browse and buy uploaded films.
2. Admin area for producers to add and manage their films, view sales. (database)
3. Main admin for me to manage, check sales of site, approve and manage producers films. (database)

My questions are:

1. How would a site of this nature be best built: HTML, PHP, CSS, ect...

2. Can anyone recommend a good hosting company that would be suitable for such hosting, dedicated server?

3. I want to design all the pages myself in photoshop, and design images of how the site and both admins should operate,
but what sort of price range should i be looking at paying a developer to build this project for me?
I am looking for a programer who can take my design and finish the project including integrating the payment gateway.

I will be grateful for any advise.


shabbir 22Nov2010 09:07

Re: I want a site building similar to Vimeo.com
For hosting I will suggest Amazon S3 for hosting your videos. Check out how you can use Amazon to Deliver your content here

Mark A 22Nov2010 18:00

Re: I want a site building similar to Vimeo.com
Thanks Shabbir,

I will check that out.

dhirendra.gvt 18Dec2010 12:01

Re: I want a site building similar to Vimeo.com
Hi friend,

Such elements as text, forms, images (GIFs, JPEGs, Portable Network Graphics) and video can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags. Older browsers may require Plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc. to display some media, which are embedded into web page by using HTML/XHTML tags.

Improvements in browsers' compliance with W3C standards prompted a widespread acceptance and usage of XHTML/XML in conjunction with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to position and manipulate web page elements and objects.

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