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pbharathi 16Nov2010 16:18

Why we are starting a Web Site?
you won't have to stay open on Thanksgiving or Christmas day. If you live on the East Coast, people from California will still be able to shop in your store after you close. Any time someone wants to know your hours, location, directions, or any other details about your company, they can get it without disturbing you.

Because anyone in the world can see your web site, you will gain customers from other states and countries while you are putting in the same amount of effort and money.

When you have a web site, you can offer your products and services without hiring any extra employees. You won't have to spend any resources on compensating or insuring your new staff members and still be able to maintain the same level of sales and customer service.

If you ever advertised in a local newspaper, you know the costs. You are being charged per line, per inch, and per color. On the Web, there is no limit to how much you can put. You can add pictures, articles, newsletters, rates, product images and so much more! With just one web site, you can have almost unlimited advertisement for the same low monthly cost.

Think of how many cards you mail out to let customers know about your sale. All of that can be eliminated by putting the sale information on your web site and inviting your customers to visit it. You can collect your customers' E-Mail addresses and keep in touch with them about special events in your store via E-Mail.

shabbir 16Nov2010 19:09

Re: Why we are starting a Web Site?
So what is your point?

ManzZup 31Dec2010 21:36

Re: Why we are starting a Web Site?
infact if you care about the digital literacy it doesnt seem to be constant in many parts of the world
its believed that many countries still to be digital illiterate

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