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Croatoan 15Nov2010 02:03

Binary multiplication
Can sb give me a tip for recursive multiplication of two binary numbers (their lenght is 2^n)! I need only recursive to implement it in c++ code,

xpi0t0s 15Nov2010 14:56

Re: Binary multiplication
What's recursive multiplication? Could you outline the algorithm, i.e. how would you do it on paper?

Croatoan 15Nov2010 19:49

Re: Binary multiplication
x=xl * 2^(n/2)+xr (n=2^k, k e 1,2,3)
y=yl * 2^(n/2)+yr

x*y=xl * 2^(n/2) * yl * 2^(n/2) + xl * 2^(n/2) * yr +
xr*yl * 2^(n/2) + xr*yr

how to implement that in c++

xpi0t0s 16Nov2010 04:14

Re: Binary multiplication
Where are you stuck?
2^(n/2) appears to be a constant (let's say you put that in c), so the first equation
translates into C++ as

You should be able to take it from there.

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