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giorgos3924 13Nov2010 18:11

pdf and doc reader
How to create a form with . pdf and . doc reader? like a library. . .
I want to open the . pdf and . doc files on the form.
I work on Visual Studio C++ (CLR).

shabbir 13Nov2010 18:47

Re: pdf and doc reader
Use the fileopen dialog and use the file type displayed filter to show the needed file types only

giorgos3924 14Nov2010 00:24

Re: pdf and doc reader
how to use the fileopen on form?
on textbox?

shabbir 14Nov2010 01:19

Re: pdf and doc reader
Not on form but a dialog window just like when you click File Open from application like Notepad.

xpi0t0s 14Nov2010 13:55

Re: pdf and doc reader
Search for OLE on MSDN (Object Linking and Embedding). You might already have the Acrobat plugin installed - it's the "feature" that means whenever you click a PDF online, you get the PDF displayed in the browser (so you get the PDF window with the browser's menu - I've never been able to see the point of that, but apparently people wet themselves about it so it must be good), so you also need to find a similar plugin for DOC files (by which do you mean Microsoft Word? It's not the only word processor to use the DOC extension).

Adolfo1addison 12Jul2011 16:07

Re: pdf and doc reader
Foxit Reader is good software for PDF reader but if you want PDF writer or editor then code origami is the best software.

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