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maria234 12Nov2010 11:32

web designing
aoa I am maria n wants build a new website,
I am completely guide by this forum i am now more motivated towrds the work.

shabbir 12Nov2010 12:03

Re: web designing
You want to have a website or you want to build a website?

divinequran 12Nov2010 16:13

Re: web designing

If you need to design website start learning html, css and javascript basics. Download a website template try to modify it to your need you will learn as well would have designed your own website.

Max2010 14Nov2010 06:18

Re: web designing
yep: html, css, javascript+jquery, php, mysql...
study, study, study everyday :)

anirban09p 4Sep2015 10:16

Re: web designing
Web design is used as a general term to describe any of the various tasks involved in creating a web page. More specifically, it refers to jobs focused on building the front-end of a web page.

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