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August 10Nov2010 21:56

DLL protection
Hello, everybody!
App uses some third-party DLLs, which should be protected from any outside access. However, the app should have full access to this DLLs. Are there a ways to do this without writing DLLs on hard disc(including extracting DLLs to TEMP directory during runtime)?

Roman2 19Nov2010 00:48

Re: DLL protection
You need packer-virtualizer - BoxedApp Packer

StarDrago 27Jan2012 03:49

Re: DLL protection

Originally Posted by Roman2 (Post 74868)
You need packer-virtualizer - BoxedApp Packer

It must help :nice:

Scripting 9Feb2012 23:09

Re: DLL protection
Isn't there any programatical way?

StarDrago 9Feb2012 23:51

Re: DLL protection
a lot of ways :)

Scripting 9Feb2012 23:59

Re: DLL protection
Can you link me to any programmatical way?

StarDrago 10Feb2012 21:36

Re: DLL protection
If you're a developer, you can use boxedapp SDK (this is for application virtualization), or invent your own way ... :)

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