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Mr.President 8Nov2010 10:26

C# client server ideas needed
Ongoing project :
currently I am developing a security surveillance system which accesses AXIS VIDEO ENCODERS and CAMERAS and displays the surveillance videos. AXIS company provides SDK so its easier to implement !

bt the problem is for example if I compile a program for 1 video~ 5 computers will access the camera/encoder to get the live view so 5pc's will generate a lot of traffic since Im using h.264 codec approximatly 1 PC needs ~264 KB of band width to view the video this is not good cuz I only told u 5 pc's but thr are more than 5 pc's !!! so if the program starts the network will be down !!!! :(

Now what I am trying is that 1 server should receive the live view and the server should generate the video I mean the server should multi cast so now there's only one link between the encoder ---- server -----client

client's will connect to the server and can view the liveview

Now my request is I aint asking any1 2 do this 4 me bt if you have any idea about this pls share

currently I am researching/ goggling on Port Forwarding/C# client server
like topics

Mr.President 10Nov2010 12:13

Re: C# client server ideas needed
after tons and tons of googleing and reading I realized that UDP broadcasts can be done in a LAN but the server doesnt generate the stream the stream is generated by another eqipment(IP CAM)

Another idea of mine is the IP camera's stream is password protected so getting that stream and multicastting that stream to other clients is not possible because some how the clients will need to recognize a camera so its a must that the client's should access that IP so no point on multicasting !!

but another method is using the recorded stream. I can easily multicast a video which is available in my PC again another obstacle which is live video ! I cannot live multicast

Now I am thinking is it possible to read the stream while its being recorded ?

If can I can try to multicast that video stream which is in the memory ?

please advice !

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