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XATech 3Nov2010 11:04

Action Items Before Purchasing A New Mobile Phone

Know Your Budget

Budget plays an important part among all the points I am going to discuss. Fix a budget try not to be too fancy with the things. Sometimes high budget phones donít suits your needs if you are an inexperienced user and low budget phone is mere box for you if you are experienced. Know your reach and decide a price mark under which you want to restrict yourself. If you are an experienced user and unable to purchase high configuration mobiles then easy EMI options are always available. Practically there are Chinese phones you can get for a mere price and there are phones that cost a fortune, and a bit fancy for the little wallet of yours.

Fix the Brand

After deciding your budgets fix the brand. A brand selection can be on the basis of your special affinity towards a brand name, reliability of the brand name or your features selection meets your budget for that brand name or the combination of the three. Of course you wonít go for Chinese mobiles for the same priced mobile available in Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc. But if you get confused with the top brands like Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericssion then I would suggest go for what you prefer most and check the customer feedback online. Never get trapped under a Smart Salesman who can mislead you for commission.

Make a List of Features

After you decide a mobile brand, make a list of all the features that you want in a phone. Purchase a music phone if you are all time music listener or purchase good camera mobile if you love to capture moments. I have seen some people purchasing high quality camera mobiles but never use it. Moreover, GBs of memory card remains blank and they hanker after applications of their needs. Businessman needs business applications and college boy GBs of memory for multimedia. Requirements are different. So know your requirement before you purchase. The feature that helps you will be perfect, u donít need a 3G connected phone when you donít have a 3G connection. So itís better to buy that phone with the better camera rather than buying a 3G phone. I always prefer application supported phones so that I can install applications of my need. My feature list is Camera with at least 2MP, Memory card support at least 2GB, must have radio and must be application supported.

Select a Reliable Dealer

This step is more important than anything. Choose a reliable dealer and make sure you are under the guarantee/warranty period for next few months. Be sure that the Item Box is sealed and the phone is recently manufactured.

seomanju 15Dec2010 17:56

Re: Action Items Before Purchasing A New Mobile Phone
Thanks for this information!

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