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MartinJose 31Oct2010 11:50

History of a domain
If the domain has ever been punished ,how long will the SE remember it ? You know sometimes we will not care too much about the history of a domain ,but maybe the domain has such kind of history.Will it affect the Index of the website?

shabbir 31Oct2010 14:43

Re: History of a domain
Yes but how long is the matter of what the domain owner does to get it back on track

paulwalker 1Nov2010 11:02

Re: History of a domain
Well, I've never came across such terms. I'll find some more information regarding it. Thanks to enhance my knowledge.

joy1986joy 8Dec2010 13:44

Re: History of a domain
I think that site should go for reputation management. By which it can get back its reputation and can come back to track.

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