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spongeBob 22Oct2010 17:28

unique customer id
I want to generate a unique id for customers in java, the customer id will take 2 alphabets from country Name (i.e. Australia- AU and America- AM), then pick 2 last digits of year (i.e. 2010- 10) finally I want a counter that can provide me number in a series like 0001, 0002,0003… Now the problem is I am not finding a way to save the last number that was assigned to a customer before closing the application, because every time I restart the application it moves back to -0000. :undecided

virxen 26Oct2010 11:54

Re: unique customer id
use a file and store the last value used
when you start your app read this value

spongeBob 28Oct2010 13:15

Re: unique customer id
Thanks it worked for me

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