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mail2madem 21Oct2010 13:17

Problem while displaying "Greek" and "Russian" Strings
I am facing a strange problem.

In my dialog application (Win32), I have a button control.
I am loading a "Greek" string ("Επιλογή Εκτυπωτή")from a string DLL and trying to

display on the button control.

And also I am trying to use the same string to set the dialog's title.

But here the problem is,on the button, text is displayed correctly, but dialog's title displayed as
"?p???? ??t?p?t?"

I am using (both for Case-1 and Case-2)

>LoadStringW to load the string
>SetWindowTextW to display

While debugging, I found that strings are loaded properly in both the cases.
I have also tried by changing code pages using setlocale API.

But I couldn't solve this issue.
Please provide me some tips so that I can move forward.

Sample Code:

WCHAR* chr = L"Επιλογή Εκτυπωτή";
HWND hWnd = ::GetDlgItem(m_hWnd, IDC_BUTTON);

::SetWindowTextW(m_hWnd, chr);
::SetWindowTextW(hWnd, chr);

Thanks in advance

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