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vikky1988i 21Oct2010 07:08

help needed regarding Bios.h
Why BIOS.H header is not working under DEVC++ environment... so what is it's eqvilant header in DEVC++... can anybody help me out in this issue..


jimblumberg 21Oct2010 07:27

Re: help needed regarding Bios.h
The bios.h header file is for 16 bit DOS programs. I do not believe DEVC++ can compile 16 bit DOS programs.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?


vikky1988i 25Oct2010 11:30

Re: help needed regarding Bios.h
i Actually need to see which key is pressed when i hit the keyboard. bioskey() will return the Value of the key pressed. that's why :)

jimblumberg 26Oct2010 03:44

Re: help needed regarding Bios.h
What operating system are you using?

Why not use the standard C/C++ from stdio.h/iostream to get the key?

If you are writing a game/application using graphics, then what graphics package are you using?

With "Modern" operating systems direct access to the computer bios/hardware is not allowed.


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