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2007160935 19Oct2010 10:06

web browser problems
web browser problems:

everytime I'm using my web browser (any) I am just why the heck!?, it get's me pissed off! LAGs all the time, I did checked my CPU usage and its kinda low now I'm thinking if someone is using a Ping of Death againts my port 8080, im newbie about this thing any1 can tell me how to secure and check whether who's w/ the black thing proj. against me??

2007160935 19Oct2010 11:12

Re: web browser problems
.bump! hello? .

akelius 13Nov2010 14:24

Re: web browser problems
hello friend what exactly you want to ask?

post clearely.........................

pankaj.sea 14Nov2010 05:43

Re: web browser problems
try to uninstall all browser adons then restart your browser. May be this could help you.

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