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rajseo 18Oct2010 18:32

Site Problem
Dear All,
I have been optimizing a website for last 8 months and now its ranking is good. Its Page Rank was 3. Today I checked my website ranking in SERP and found url without www in SERPs and when I checked the site crawling then it shows last crawling date is oct 4, and after 3 or 4 hour when I checked once again that page then I shocked:
=> Page Rank showing is 0 ( earlier it was 3)
=> Cached Version not showing (before 3 hours it was)

This problem occurs in homepage only all other pages have no effect.

Please guide me what to do?

shabbir 19Oct2010 08:00

Re: Site Problem
PR does not update that fast and so this is something to with your toolbar not able to connect to Google or something.

infoway USA 20Oct2010 17:03

Re: Site Problem
Clear all the cookies and then check directly on Google. Don't take any tool's help. Make sure you are log out of your gmail at that time. If you still find same, unfortunately it all gone.

engineersgarage 20Oct2010 19:36

Re: Site Problem
I agree with shabbir, Google update PR in 3 - 4 months so it is your tool problem.

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