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Komyg 26Dec2006 19:43

Creating an old GUI
Hi, I am trying to make an old GUI (like the DOS edit gui) on Kubuntu 6.06 Linux so I can ask a few questions to the user after the installation. This must be a console gui (or whatever it is called) because the user cannot log in to the X server without being prompted at least once by this gui.

Can anyone guive me a few pointers?


DaWei 27Dec2006 03:54

Re: Creating an old GUI
GUI means "Graphical User Interface." Given your mention of a console interface and the MSDOS (DOS doesn't mean MSDOS, either) editor, I don't understand your question.

Komyg 27Dec2006 04:33

Re: Creating an old GUI
Well, what I am trying to create is not actually a GUI, just called it a GUI because I don't know it's name.

What I want to know is how can I create a "GUI" like the one you have when you use the MSDOS program edit, or when you use Linux's adept.

I hope that this makes my question clearer.


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