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alex9009 26Dec2006 11:20

PATH variable hooplah...
ok... i am trying to follow the instructions on this site to install the java environment http://computer.howstuffworks.com/program2.htm

I downloaded everything it told me to download, now i can't figure out the dang path variable thing! I have both files in the program files directory, and can't ever get the test to work. If you could, check out steps 6 & 7 on the link, and help me out :) Thanks in advance, this is really starting to annoy me.

pradeep 26Dec2006 11:27

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
You have add the Path of the Java bin directory to the Windows PATH environment variable so that JDK programs are accessible on the command line from any path.

Right-click 'My Computer' and select Properties, goto Advanced tab and the click 'Environment Variables' button and the look for PATH in the System Variables section, click edit and append the path of Java bin directory to the existing entry.

alex9009 26Dec2006 11:48

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
what do you mean by existing entry? Do I go and find the path of the entire folder? Is it a problem if the java environment folder is located on the C drive, not in any folders but right one the C drive? I don't really know why it was installed there... but it was. Also, was i supposed to extract the documentation into the folder, or just in the same place as the folder?

alex9009 26Dec2006 11:56

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
ok... the path variable looks like this:

C>: \J2sdk1.4.2_13\bin

Does this seem right? should there be a space between the colon and the first slash? I just don't understand why its not working....

alex9009 26Dec2006 12:00

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
Hmmm... I wish could just edit my posts. Triple posting is bad...

Ok, when i type in javac like it says to do in the tutorial, i get the message

'JAVAC' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

So... hope that helps. :)

pradeep 26Dec2006 14:15

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
You have to add the path of the Java bin directory, so that when you type in command the shell would know where to look for.
The PATH variable must be already containing other paths, which are separated by ; so all you have to do is add your path after the existing paths.

alex9009 26Dec2006 23:18

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
Well, i deleted to path that was already there and put in C>: \J2sdk1.4.2_13\bin I actually don't really understand you, i'm sorry i'm very new to this. So what exactly do i need to change the Path to? Also, maybe i'm changing the wrong thing... I go to environmental variables and change Path, is that right?

pradeep 27Dec2006 10:53

Re: PATH variable hooplah...
Well, the PATH variable usually contains the following by default

And you just have to append the path to Java bin directory to the existing value present in the PATH variable, like this

I hope you got it this time.

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