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mmfwcl2131 27Sep2010 06:51

hey, can i get some help?
Hello, I have a Ex Girlfriend that is a major whore... She lied and said that she was 17... when she was actully 13.... she said her ex boyfriend beat the shit out of her and stabed her.... which isnt true.... shes just a major whore.... Is there anyone that can help with hacking her facebook? sending a kill bot to her computer? or get creative? my yahoo messanger is mmfwcl2131.... im on about once a day.... im new to this thing and im wanting to teach her a lession.... Im a Juggalo and i dont think its right... so any help thanks..... u can message me on yahoo.... or what eva u need to get her info,... Thanks

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 28Sep2010 06:08

Re: hey, can i get some help?
You should just walk away from her and leave it alone man,sounds like bad news. Of course you know that a 13 year old girl mean statutory rape in most states.
If you were lucky enough to walk away from that one clean..stay away and leave it alone.

naifmagsi 20May2011 16:17

Re: hey, can i get some help?
how r u frdz ...... plz plz plz help me plz my sister id was hacked ... plz frdz give me facebook account hacking software plz plz m waiting 4 ur reply ... :( belive me i m telling truth ... belive me promise by god ....

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