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omgkiller629 26Sep2010 15:55

20 c++ questions (beginner)
1. C++ is case sensitive? True of False

2. All elements of the standard C++ library are declared in what is called
a ____space?

3. What symbol is used to seperate different statements in C++

4. If we dont add a , return (number) , in a main () function, what will occur?

5. Why is 0 put after return, usually in a main () function?

6. A double usually takes __ bytes in computer memory?

7. What is the difference between a CHAR [] and a string?

8. What are the two ways to declare a constant?

9. What does this operators mean (!=) ?

10. What does this operator mean (>=) ?

11. What does the operater [sizeof()] do?

12. cin (usually) input what from the users?

13. What does cin.get() do?

14. What does cin.getline(x,x) do?

15. What is included to OUPUT information to a file?

16. the "break" statement does what in a loop?

17. Here is the basic structure for a function, insert the missing data:

type name (what goes here?, and here?) {statements}

18. What does the keyword (VOID) mean when used as a function return type?

19. Null usually = 0 in C++? True or False?

20. What does the (++) operator do?

anyone know ?

jimblumberg 26Sep2010 21:41

Re: 20 c++ questions (beginner)
I'm sure quite a few people know the answers. The question is: Do you?

omgkiller629 27Sep2010 03:00

Re: 20 c++ questions (beginner)

Originally Posted by jimblumberg (Post 73150)
I'm sure quite a few people know the answers. The question is: Do you?

I will post correct answers Monday if no one could answer then 100% correct :)

xpi0t0s 2Oct2010 13:21

Re: 20 c++ questions (beginner)
How do we know that this isn't a ruse for us to give you the answers?
Anyway some of your questions (5,6,7,12,18,19) are based on unstated assumptions so are unanswerable as asked.

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