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vale 21Sep2010 19:25

an advice for an inexpert
Hello there

I would like to ask you some advices for an inexpert. If someone doesn't talk good english, it's advisable to try to learn this language and try to do this kind of job? This person has a really passion for infomation technology and computer. She knows more about troubleshooting, infact she's trying to take a Comptia exam. But if she doesn't find that job, she would like to learn also language programm, like C++.
What is your advice for an inexpert to start to learn this language C++, which are the things that she has to know, and if she could have good chance to get a job. ?
Many thanks to anyone answer me.

dotNet Zombie 21Sep2010 23:31

Re: an advice for an inexpert
A lot of that depends on what kind of job she wants. If she's going to be a Software developer than she should learn the essentials of Software Engineering as well as a few langauges like C/C++, .Net Langauges , Java and Python.

If she wants to be a System Admin, she should have knowledge of various OS like Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Mac OS X. Also know about setting up networks and servers

If she wants to be in a tech support position, should have knowledge of various OS, hardware issues, ect. Though likely you won't need to know any programming languages.

Though knowing English and C++ would both help her get a job.

vale 28Sep2010 00:46

Re: an advice for an inexpert
Thanks to answer me,
Which level of english she has to know to get a job like this or to learn C++.?
do you think she has to go to school to learn C++? or she can do it alone? do you know some good schools? Or some good books or websites where she can take some good informations.

dotNet Zombie 30Sep2010 02:22

Re: an advice for an inexpert
Depends on the area she lives in.
Going to school is probably be the best option to learn C++. Though a lot of schools in my area doesn't teach much C++ anymore(mainly Java and .Net). A good site she could check out to learn C++ is http://www.cprogramming.com/

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