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Lykos 21Sep2010 06:43

Reformat Hard Drive
People keep telling me that reformatting your hard drive is a good way to get an old pc running like new again. I'm a bit in the dark as to EXACTLY what doing so would entail what it would require and what it will do. I understand that most if not all of what is on my pc will be gone and am in the process of backing it up to a flash drive. I also have heard that the drivers will be gone but i have a hard copy of all the Drivers I'm aware of. How can i get a list of all the drivers i use? Any information would be helpful I'm not even sure how to do this or where to start or why i should.

shabbir 21Sep2010 08:11

Re: Reformat Hard Drive
Yes it can make your PC as good as new but that also means your PC will loose all the data unless you know how to take a backup of all of them to a place where they are not effected by the PC format

Lykos 21Sep2010 09:51

Re: Reformat Hard Drive
So a say flash drive or Compact disk would be a good back up? What more can you tell me about Reformatting?

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