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adamfrancis 17Sep2010 18:17

Fast Links
Check this out... You need to list your company or the companies you are doing SEO work for here for a good backlink fast.

Google "archaire dallas" - directorycentral #1
Google "archaire dallas, ga" - directorycentral #1
Google "7705751429" - directorycentral #1
Google "770-575-1429" - directorycentral #1
Google "(770) 575-1429" - directorycentral #1

Then the kicker is check out when the company was added 9-1-10... DirectoryCentral has been out on Google for 5 days, so took them 5 days to be listed.

Amazing way to get your do-follow link out there and listed in google quickly.

Enjoy... Adam Francis

shabbir 17Sep2010 19:32

Re: Fast Links
For such non-competitive unique terms just having a page can also get u on top

4deewar 25Sep2010 17:36

Re: Fast Links
I am not understand your information, please tell it in detail.
Thank you.

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