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apojigo 17Sep2010 10:32

Changing the Way We Work
The May 23, 2009 issue of Time Magazine has a cover story called “The Future of Work, The Way We’ll Work” (time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1898024_1898023,00.html) that I think is very relevant to this discussion forum. It talks about ten significant ways that the workplace will change as we climb our way out of this recession.
“Though unemployment is at a 25-year high, work will eventually return. But it won’t look the same. No one is going to pay you just to show up. We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world. It will be run by a generation with new values – and women will increasingly be at the controls.” – Time Magazine, “The Way We’ll Work,” p. 39, May 23, 2009.

I think the article is a good start in helping us to try and “see over the horizon” to get a better view of the landscape we and our children will be working in. For example, according to the article we will probably work many more years and have many more jobs than our parents; there will be a much higher expectation of productivity from our employers; perks and retirement benefits will be shifted more and more from the employer to the employee; etc. The article does not place values on whether these changes are good or bad, but rather presents the case that they will lead to different opportunities, many of which we can not yet foresee.

It is not just the way we work that will change, the way we look for jobs and the information we present to get jobs will also change. Employers will need to be sold on your value because you are up against a lot more competition. One way to stand out in a crowd of applicants is to create your on-line eportfolio or Web Portfolio. There are several eportfolio and Online Portfolio internet sites available.

shabbir 17Sep2010 13:53

Re: Changing the Way We Work
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Corp-Corp 8Dec2010 13:39

Re: Changing the Way We Work
The article is indeed a good read. Thanks for sharing it in the board.

I agree with more than one points mentioned in the article. We are at the verge of another big social change. The recent economic meltdown has unraveled these changes before us.

humpakistani 18Mar2011 16:44

Re: Changing the Way We Work
Well i have read this magzine yesterday and i like it so much on changing the ways of work and i think the writer take a very good point in that web and it is also good for the make money through different ways and it is so helpful in that section

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