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Starter 15Sep2010 13:48

Newbee in SDK
Hi , I am building an application similar to notepad , presently i am stuck with 'Goto'
in which you get the line number where the cursor is currently located. I have tried 'GetCursorPos' which returns x and y but every single time the value of x and y changes , can anyone tell me the correct way of acquiring the line number in the edit control

Any help would be appreciated
Abhishek T

shabbir 15Sep2010 15:10

Re: Newbee in SDK
Avoid having the same thread over and over again and this will never help in getting your problem answered but it will make people just ignore your threads.

NewBee in SDK

shabbir 15Sep2010 15:11

Re: Newbee in SDK
Just after searching you had the same thing posted one more times with a different title. NewBee in Win32.

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