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PradeepKr 13Sep2010 16:21

User Local machine Identity
Is it possible to get a User's Local machine identity?
If I want to dig out which user has access my online application, I need to grab his/her machine's identity (I dont want ISP's address which is there in $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']). An ISP can be shared by many users. I want to fine tune to specific user who accessed my application.

shabbir 13Sep2010 16:29

Re: User Local machine Identity
IP and Cookie combination is your best option

PradeepKr 13Sep2010 16:37

Re: User Local machine Identity
1. IP we get is of ISPs IP I guess, isnt it?
2. A cookie would return only what my application would set on the local machine, isn't it? How would I get some which I dont set?

shabbir 13Sep2010 16:59

Re: User Local machine Identity
You want to uniquely identify user with his machine identity and so if you can place cookie to read he is unique. Let me know if you are trying something else.

PradeepKr 13Sep2010 17:26

Re: User Local machine Identity
Let me give some more insight.
I am creating a hotel booking service website. I want to capture as much info as possible about the user and his machine. If he messes around with the booking system (involving payment system also) then I might blacklist him.
A user can be identified by login id /password but only when he/she is logged in.
I have an option of allowing somebody using this service(hotel booking etc) with even logging in ie as anonymous. In this there would be possibilities of hack attempts and all. Here, I want to capture user's machine's identity.

shabbir 13Sep2010 17:27

Re: User Local machine Identity
I think you are thinking too much. Payment systems hacking can be prevented by the payment processing system only and if you want to black list cookies+ip is your best choice if you allow anonymous buying of your product

pein87 16Sep2010 13:38

Re: User Local machine Identity
if you want ISP use this

PHP Code:


$isp gethostbyaddr($ip);


cookie + ip is the way to go I dont think php can get the remote machines name. You may want to do a check to see if the ip is a proxy then a conversion to change it back to its original IP then black list that. It would only black list those who use that IP not anyone from that ISP, ISP is the service provider of your net and your ip is your unique ID for your connection while on the net.

PradeepKr 16Sep2010 17:17

Re: User Local machine Identity
I have seen that my ISP keeps changing my IP sometimes.

shabbir 16Sep2010 19:42

Re: User Local machine Identity

Originally Posted by PradeepKr (Post 72830)
I have seen that my ISP keeps changing my IP sometimes.

You are lucky it changes sometime and mine changes all the time.

ManzZup 17Sep2010 17:34

Re: User Local machine Identity
use google analytics the best probably
and php cannot get internal stuff its server side
you JS instead but you can hardly get the computer name
still says google analytics worth trying

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