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arang1978 13Sep2010 11:59

Hello Friends,

Any of you have experience in working with RTSP. I am using Live 555 open source code for implementing RTSP Client. If any of you have experience in using Live 555 open source code then please let me know how did you modify the shutdown () in playCommon.cpp.

If I call the main () for the second time then I get the "Segmentation fault(core dumped)" error. I found that the shutdown () which is in the open source code is not proper.

Your ideas will be helpful for me.


jimblumberg 13Sep2010 18:29

Re: Rtsp
You should not be calling main() a second time. This is most likely the cause of your Segmentation fault.

arang1978 13Sep2010 20:51

Re: Rtsp
Hello sir,

Thank you for the immediate reply.

If the RTSP server is shut down or ethernet cable is disconnected then in that case, I need to call main () again. To call main () again, I copied the main () and renamed into RTSP_main(). After the disconnection of ethernet cable, the main () will be exited, that time I call RTSP_main ().

Calling RTSP_main () is equal to calling the main () for the second time.

Do I have to avoid calling RTSP_main() any way?


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