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rahulonly4u 6Sep2010 11:13

function as a macro

i want to know can at what extent we can make a complex function as a macro

for ex.

getFromString(CString s, LPCTSTR delemiter)

CString temp;

int m= s.findof(delemiter);
temp= s.mid(m);


LordN3mrod 7Sep2010 00:43

Re: function as a macro
Well, this particular one would be like this:

#define GET_FROM_STRING(s, delim) \
CString temp;\

int m= s.findof(delemiter);\
temp= s.mid(m);\

Note the \ symbols - they concatenate physical source lines.
But making a macro out of such a funvtion is a horrible idea, because macros don't have scope, their parameters don't have types and, of course many surprising results can occur due to literal text substitution.

rahulonly4u 7Sep2010 17:15

Re: function as a macro
Thanks very much

rahulonly4u 7Sep2010 17:18

Re: function as a macro
Thanks again to LordN3mrod for this valuable tips i m going to do this mistake

LordN3mrod 7Sep2010 17:27

Re: function as a macro
I will repeat myself, DON"T use a macro unless you have to. In this particular case an inline function (a function delcared with the keyword inline, and defined in the same ".h" file) is a superior alternative.

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