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the_chief 1Sep2010 06:30

Imaging Hard Drive? (Windows XP)
Hey G4EF community!

First off I am new here :) And I will be going by The_Chief (related to something I do in school.) I am an avid computer user and am always looking to further my knowledge with computers and technology.

Now to the question!

I am looking to send my Acer Aspire One D250 Net book to tech-services in Texas to repair the keyboard. I had a key pop off and a few other keys get messed up due to and ID card slide under keys and, yeah. Anyways, I would like to image the hard drive on the net book before I sending to Texas (where the repair center is) in case anything happens.

Can someone explain or link me to a tutorial on how to image my hard drive?

:cheers: ,

shabbir 1Sep2010 07:46

Re: Imaging Hard Drive? (Windows XP)
Hi and welcome to the forum and to Image your Hard Drive you can Norton Ghost which can image your complete drive in few minutes.

the_chief 2Sep2010 00:09

Re: Imaging Hard Drive? (Windows XP)
Thanks Shabbir, I will try Norton ghost.

shabbir 2Sep2010 10:50

Re: Imaging Hard Drive? (Windows XP)
Great and do share your views and experience about the same.

the_chief 6Sep2010 11:42

Re: Imaging Hard Drive? (Windows XP)
I just downloaded Norton Ghost Friday and just started using it yesterday. So far my only dislike with it is that you have to have it constantly hooked up to an external point because it will make scheduled automatic back-ups. I got my initial image created and am about to test it tomorrow to see if the image worked.

After I do that I will post a more in-depth review. :)

:cheers: ,

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