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Levi 5Jan2005 01:54

Lib files
Does anyone know, in my other compiler(Turbo c++), to use functions like GetInteger(), and stuff like that, I had to attach a .lib file to the project. How do you do that in Visaul c++ 6.0? Do you need to. Also, there does'nt seem to be the same ones. In turbo, the one I attached for GetInteger() was cslib.lib, but there is not that library in Visual. Is there one that replaces it. Thanks

shabbir 5Jan2005 09:59

Re: Lib files
I guess GetInteger is not a function of C and some additional libraries have provided that and so I dont think it will be available in Visual Studio. There are other ways to do this in VC++ like atoi and itoa ...

Levi 5Jan2005 10:34

Re: Lib files
Ok, I'll have to work on that. But is there a way to connect .lib files to the project. Thanks

alok 5Jan2005 12:36

Re: Lib files

The following pragma causes the linker to search for the your library while linking. The linker searches first in the current working directory and then in the path specified in the LIB environment variable.

#pragma comment( lib, "your library name" )

Levi 10Jan2005 10:39

Re: Lib files
Thank you everyone for their help.

alok 11Jan2005 00:18

Re: Lib files
YOu are always welcome Buddy

shabbir 11Jan2005 09:48

Re: Lib files

Originally Posted by Levi
Thank you everyone for their help.

Our Pleasure

rahul.mca2001 6Mar2008 12:28

Re: Lib files
i tried itoa but couldnt get its thie=rd field can you please help

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