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Abdullahi Mohammed 25Aug2010 14:45

Business application design
I've gone thru the Introductory part of BV2008. its very interesting and to be specific i've learn alot in that part.
Pls i want to develop a application that will handle my sales. the major field / form that am using are
1. Product Name
2. Quantity Supply
3. Rate
4. Amount

1. Product Name
2. Quantity Purchase
3. Rate
4. Amount

1. Product Name
2. Quantity
3. Rate
4. Amount

this are the three forms that i've design.
Now i want to link this table and don't know how to do that. am using MS Access table.
could you pls put me thru.

Abdullahi Mohammed 25Aug2010 16:00

Creating a Small application
Am thru with Intro Visual Basic 2008. Pls How can i create a business application that will handle; subtraction; addition update the entry.
i have four forms which include
1. frmorder
2. frmstore
3. frmsale
4. frmsearch

each form have the following fields
1. Product name
2. Quantity
3. Rate
4 Amount

i want to create relationship between product name, quantity and rate in such a that when a product is purchase the database automatically subtract the quantity purchase from the frmstore.

ManzZup 1Sep2010 11:23

Re: Business application design
thgouh wich control you accesing the databse?

if its access you should be able to get them without any mess, just goto the textbox(for an instance) where you need the produc name
then in its datasorce choose the table and everything you need
but practically using sql would be more professional and easier (theres much for functionality for sql with queries than access)

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