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nrifath2010 25Aug2010 06:27

C Programming Problems
Define a structure called cricket that will describe the following information:

player name
team name
batting average

Using cricket , declare an array player with 50 elements, write a program to read the information about all the 50 players and print a team wise list containing names of players with their batting average.

shankar.489 25Aug2010 11:19

Re: C Programming Problems
this doesn`t have any logical complexity try this alone wen u r free. this is just a database programme consume time not brain...!

xpi0t0s 25Aug2010 12:39

Re: C Programming Problems
Easy assignment! Where are you stuck? *Why* are you stuck? Are you just being lazy?

shankar.489 25Aug2010 12:50

Re: C Programming Problems
u just need to spend some time on it that it nothing is there

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