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byawad130 23Aug2010 18:51

Help with Practical Exam..
Hey All,

Very Soon I would be having an ethical hacking practical exam in which the class is divided into 2 groups, namely the white team and black team. The White team are tasked with protecting a file in windows 2003 server and the black team is tasked to get the file from the white team in under 90min, The losing team is most likely going to fail the subject..

with that, i would really appreciate guidance from you guys in how i would go about getting the file from the white team..

P.S: I am sided with the black team

P.P.S: Both teams are connected to the same network

Thanks again... :D

byawad130 26Aug2010 10:38

Re: Help with Practical Exam..
Hey All,

I recently found out that the white team will not be using a firewall but instead they are going to use a program to monitor network activity..

so far, me and my group plan to use VNC viewer to plant a backdoor into the server and monitor their activity, we also plan to use the xcopy command in cmd to copy the file from the server.. I dont know how it will work out with this plan, but i have a huge bet its going to fail.. Nevertheless we are going to try it out..

Any ideas to help out would be very much helpful..

thanks again..:D

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