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pagebreak 22Aug2010 15:47

Assignment help.
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Attached is the Assignment given by my lecturer. Can anyone help me on it? I just need a start. Thanks a lot. I believe it wont be something hard for fellow programmers. I appreciate all kinds of help. You may wanna contact me @ hanjie94@gmail.com

pagebreak 22Aug2010 15:51

Re: Assignment help.
ah yes, it's Java.

ManzZup 17Sep2010 17:33

Re: Assignment help.
ahh its assignment then
its up to you to sigure out [even the prob is not hard]
anyway for the starting point make two classes
like this
i think you are prety aware with making constructors and things

class customer{
String name;
double loadAmt;
double salary;
class loan{}

just try to solve oit, do the maths part and post when there's an error

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