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hardik soni 5Aug2010 20:33

Software Testing...
There are many steps to follow to complete any software before it is introduced in market for user. In Some big company there is a team working for making softwares or some have single programmer depends on their requirements to complete the projects.

After completion of software it is being test by tester. Software testing is a kind of investigation to check ability of software, it is being tested to resolve the errors, bugs, defects and week points of softwares because to make it one of the most user friendly in IT market. Software testing can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying. In Testing the following steps are being performed;

Pre alpha
Open and closed Beta
Release Candidate etc...

Most of the test effort occurs after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed. As such, the methodology of the test is governed by the software development methodology adopted.
Different software development models will focus the test effort at different points in the development process. Newer development models often employ test driven development and place an increased portion of the testing in the hands of the developer, before it reaches a formal team of testers. In a more traditional model, most of the test execution occurs after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed. Other then this there are so many testing methods such as White box testing. Black box testing ,Gray box testing etc... Can anybody tell me what is the future of Software Tester ?

livin2011 13Jan2011 17:40

Re: Software Testing...
thanks for sharing this great knowledge.... keep such posting again and again....

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