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trax2k10 31Jul2010 22:29

Need help creating a forum leecher
HELLO i'm wanting to create my own forum leacher using visual basic 08. Basicly i want to create a program to pull topics and posts off download forums and copy them to my forum hosted at smfnew the program needs to be able to login to the forum which i want to leech and copy topics i choose using the web address while at the same time login to my forum at smfnew and put the posts copied into the forum board i choose using that web address. It needs to regonise basic bbcoding such as [code*][/code] tags. it does'nt have to be anything special just needs to copy one topic to the other. I have search all other the internet and not come up with anything so i hope someone could help me on here please.

ManzZup 4Sep2010 20:04

Re: Need help creating a forum leecher
you probaly need php not vb
cuz you said muz add it to your SITE right?
you'll need to do a bit of coding to leech
autologin-->sendrequest-->getdocument--extract info

trax2k10 5Sep2010 05:33

Re: Need help creating a forum leecher
What program do i need for this then? To be honest im a noob to this but willing to have a go at owt A little point in the right direction would be much appreciated :)

trax2k10 5Sep2010 05:39

Re: Need help creating a forum leecher
Well what i want is a desktop program that can pull posts from a forum :IE warez downloads and transfer them to my forum which i would specify the location in the program.

ManzZup 5Sep2010 10:59

Re: Need help creating a forum leecher
err ok then the process of trnsferring the posts is manualMean you should click a button or something?)
for vb.net the easiest would ve to have a web browser control then access page elements (but you can use webrequest to get the content then use the same method)

and if you like you can use a php script to leech then customize it to send the results to your app
ny or method not going to be easy but not soo hard

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