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hardik soni 30Jul2010 20:23

vb Swapping
I have started learning VB 6.0
I got one ex. from book to swap information of one combo box with another combo box without using third combo box...can anybody share code for it ?
Reply as fast as possible.
It's urgent.


virxen 31Jul2010 04:15

Re: vb Swapping
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try this

shabbir 31Jul2010 09:10

Re: vb Swapping
Does it help in the real world that you cannot use a variable.

hardik soni 31Jul2010 15:32

Re: vb Swapping
yes Because using third variable or combo anyone can do it.
But if you know how to do it without using third it is plus point and may be useful in interview also if applying for PHP...


shabbir 31Jul2010 19:22

Re: vb Swapping
I don't think any interviewer would ever ask that question unless he is still a fresher.

hardik soni 31Jul2010 19:29

Re: vb Swapping
Hello Shabbir,
Yes, but today Nothing is impossible in this world. It is the great logic for that program and if interviewer is having idea about that then I think he must ask this question.


shabbir 31Jul2010 19:38

Re: vb Swapping
I guess if any interviewer asks that question he is absolutely not practical and when it comes to jobs people are more professional and practical.

hardik soni 31Jul2010 19:41

Re: vb Swapping
Ok Shabbir...

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