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mriganka 30Jul2010 06:20

Hey guys!
r u only working or playing some games now?
I'm playing COD Modern Warefare 2!!!
its nice!

shabbir 30Jul2010 08:44

Re: Game
I wish I had the time to play

Ana_Campos 9Mar2011 14:29

Re: Game
No time for me. I remember those days when all that you had to do is receive some money from parents and spent them on pizza and cola. Playing all day...

vinaykumar4670 9Mar2011 17:40

Re: Game
my dear friend i have some time so i m playing cricket , need for speed and GTA yciity IV.

Ana_Campos 10Mar2011 15:22

Re: Game
When i 1st read about cricket i thought you were saying real grass one not the futuristic version :D

pramodets 3May2011 18:00

Re: Game
i have no time for play game, if i have time then i play "Playing Card".

Ana_Campos 11May2011 18:22

Re: Game
Card are a little to dull for me. I think if i had the time i would play some RPG games or something like that.

Richard41 13Jun2011 10:45

Re: Game
do any of you guys play NBA2k11?

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